5 Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Make the Perfect Present

Sometimes gift shopping can be a real nightmare. You know the person you are buying a gift for inside and out, so why can you not find that perfect gift? Everything you see is generic and doesn’t mean anything, you don’t want to just give a gift for the sake of giving a gift, you want to give something that has required a lot of thought and is unique to the special person that you are buying a gift for.

I would like to provide you with my five top reasons why personalised gifts and keepsakes make the perfect presents for loved ones.

1: It is the thought that counts?

They say ?it?s the thought that counts? and that is certainly true of personalised gifts. Having a gift personalised for the recipient, will show that you have put thought and care into your choice. There are a number of different ways you can personalise gifts, for example, if you are giving a gift from your little ones, why not use their?hand and footprints to create a unique personalised piece of bespoke artwork created by a? professional Graphic Designer at Keepsakes by Rebecca.

2: Give a memorable gift that they will be treasured forever

Whereas some gifts are easily forgotten about, keepsake gifts?that have been personalised are usually treasured forever. Personalised gifts also tend to have a story behind them and remind people of a happy time, making them even more special. For example for a wedding present, you could buy a personalised home decor gift like a framed picture featuring the newly weds? names and and an illustrated picture of their wedding venue to remind them of their special day.

3:?Show affection with personalised gifts

A personalised gift also shows that you know the person extremely well and have gone out of your way to make sure the gift is something they will love and treasure. Personalised gifts are particularly valuable to partners and parents, as they show the love you have for them, which will be the most important ?gift of all. Whether you are looking for gifts for him or gifts for her, a personalised present will make the perfect choice.

4: Boosts the personal connection

One of the main reasons why anyone chooses a personalised gift is to allow that personal connection to shine through. And, with this gift, you can celebrate a special connection with that someone you cherish.

Horse Portrait Mug

5: Pet portraits

Let us not forget our four legged friends, if you own or have friends who own pets,?pet portraits will make great gifts. Take note that every pet owner would appreciate a gift for their pet, so if you give your friend a portrait of their pet, they would surely love it. Memorial gifts are also a welcome gift to anybody who has lost a pet. Pet portraits are the best way to immortalise a much loved pet and a great way to honour their memory.

Please get in touch? Keepsakes by Rebecca are here to help you find the perfect, most heartfelt gift. Please note all products are unique and may not be featured on the website, so please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will create a gift with meaning.