Our Story


How and why Keepsakes by Rebecca was born

It all started over thirteen years ago when a close friend gave me one hundred pounds, he asked me to invest it into something, it could be anything that I wanted to but he wanted me to try and double it. So, I purchased around thirty frames and my plan was to sell abstract photography, which I did and I made a slight profit but because I was also building my career as a Graphic Designer, there wasn’t the time to focus on it and I ended up with quite a few frames left over.

Fast forward nine years, I was now married with a two year old little girl and a newborn baby girl, having a new baby in the house meant that we needed to make more space for the mammoth amount of things toddlers and babies need! My husband suggested selling the frames! The frames, weren?t just frames though, they held huge sentimental value to me because the friend who gave me the money died a few years before my first daughter was born from Cancer. I wanted to make him proud and I wanted to start a business using the frames as a starting point, this is what he would have wanted, so, Paul, if you are watching over me, you will never be forgotten.
My baby girl was now six weeks old and I wanted to do something memorable and meaningful with her hand and footprints, I had always taken prints of both of my girls since they were tiny but I wanted to bring out the designer in me and produce designs which were personal to the child or that could be given as a meaningful and unique gift that is personal to the recipient. I designed a print for my daughter’s room using her hands and footprints, I posted it on a local mums’ group on Facebook to see what people thought. The reaction was amazing, so I created a few more designs and before I knew it Keepsakes by Rebecca was born and I was receiving orders! This was about four years ago and it has gone from strength to strength, I have created pictures using hand and footprints to be transformed into anything from superheroes to camper vans and even pigeons!! I have now increased my range of gifts and keepsakes to pet portraits, home and wedding venue illustrations and typographic designs using words and phrases that are personal to the recipient. All designs are available as framed/unframed prints, fine bone china mugs, plates and bowls but what each and every design has in common, is that they ALL have meaning and hold huge sentimental value and this is what lies at the heart of everything ?Keepsakes by Rebecca? create.
My aim is for every design to hold sentimental value creating gifts with meaning.
I have had a lot of orders from parents with a child with a short life expectancy. The feedback I have received is that my products have given them something that they can hold on to forever. They have the memories of taking the hand and footprints together and that can never be taken away.
Please feel free to visit my Facebook page: www.fb.com/keepsakesbyrebecca or visit my website: www.keepsakesbyrebecca.com or Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/KEEPSAKESbyREBECC…
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