Christmas activities at home- Lockdown 2020

Christmas Activities | Elf on the shelf ideas | elf letters | Elf arrival letter

Making magical memories at home this Christmas- Christmas Activities

When I started writing this book my intention was to give you all some ideas for making Christmas as magical as possible at home, but it has turned into so much more than that! 
We may not be able to do everything that we can normally do this year due to Lockdown at Christmas, but we can still make magical memories at home. 
We may have to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean that Christmas is cancelled!
I hope you enjoy all of my ideas, I have certainly enjoyed writing it and creating all of the resources for you! I have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to create the magic at home this Christmas. Please share photos in the facebook Group to spread the Christmas magic.
Not only is there 25 ideas for making magical memories at home, there is also:
😍 Elf Adoption Certificate
😍 ‘Good List’ Certificate
😍 Design- a Reindeer (How to guide for drawing a reindeer)
😍 Christmas Tree, fingerprint keepsake
😍 Family tree – handprint keepsake
😍 Mindfulness Christmas activity- Happy baubles
😍 Editable North Pole letter (You can type your own letter and personalise it how you like and then print it off, this is a great resource to use for when you need to give them a little extra incentive to be good, or they have done something that deserves extra recognition)
😍 Goodbye letter from your elf (To and from names can be typed before printing)
😍 Arrival letter from the elf (To and from names can be typed before printing)
😍 Christmas memory keepsake
😍 Festive Bucket list
😍 Mindfulness colouring sheet
😍 24 Elf on the ideas
😍 Props and signs for the Elf on the Shelf ideas
😍 7 bonus ideas for Christmas Eve
😍Exclusive Discount Code to use across the website.
Let the magic begin!


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