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A Guide for Men buying Gifts for Women

Dear man in my life

Thank you so much for the Mother’s Day card and chocolates from the local shop, you obviously put a lot of thought into buying this gift, it is clear to see that you have been racking your brain for weeks and weeks. I know I am mega difficult to buy for because I want something that ‘means’ something. You have smashed it with the box of Maltesers, they hold so much meaning, I do love them after all, the fact that I am trying to lose weight for our holiday is irrelevant, I am sure that you thought about that too when you decided on the ultimate gift of a box of Maltesers. 

It also added extra meaning, when you ran to the shop on Mother’s Day to buy the card and wrote on it, in front of me, thank you for creating memories, you are wonderful!

Love you always and forever!

From the woman in your life…

The woman who carried your children in her beautiful womb for 9 months and 2 weeks! 
Judge Mum {daily court appearances}
CEO of the Household
Personal Chef {clients may consist of picky eaters}
Taxi Driver {don’t expect to receive any tips}
PhD in Anger Management
Hair Stylist {mostly consists of impatient clients}
Errand Runner
Laundry Machine Operator
Teacher {specialising in nursery rhythms, ABC’s and 123’s}
Business Owner
Toy Repair Expert {fixer of the little parts}
Finance Manager
Search and Rescue {for lost toys}
Toothbrush Inspector
Play-date Coordinator
Birthday Events Director
Scary Monster Patrol Officer
Dramatic Story Teller
Professional Singer {concentrating on lullabies}
Holiday Coordinator
PhD in Reverse Psychology
Separation Anxiety Counselor
Stain Removal Expert

Ps. Now, please don’t get me wrong, my list of job titles may make you think I am being a little bit sarcastic, I really do appreciate the Maltesers, but just one celebration, I hope to receive that gift with meaning, maybe one day, but until that day, I am truly thankful for all that I have, being a mum is the best job in the world and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Next year I think I will just treat myself, to take the pressure of you darling, so if you could transfer me a few pennies that would mean the world!

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