Free Comic Book Kid's Activity

A fabulous resource for children to use their imagination and create their very own exciting comic book
Free printable comic strip
Free printable comic strip

Keep in touch with friends with a creative comic book adventure- download our FREE comic adventure now!

A fantastic way for the children to keep in touch with their friends and to keep their creative juices flowing while their school is shut.

Keepsakes by Rebecca top tip: Create a comic strip adventure with their friends. The kids may not be able to see one another, but that doesn’t stop them from creating a comic strip adventure TOGETHER!

How it works:

  1. The first person downloads and prints their blank comic strip adventure.
  2. The first person names their adventure and draws the front cover.
  3. Pop your comic strip in an envelope and post it to the next person.
  4. The next person then draws the first part of the adventure.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4

Your download also includes full instructions so that the person that follows you knows exactly how it will work. It also includes bonus comic speech bubbles for the children to cut and paste into their comic adventures

FREE Creative Writing resource

Create your own new story:

Tips for creative writing:

  1. What is the Big news?

  2. Think of a snappy headline (Top box)

  3. When did it happen? (add the date)

  4. Write a couple of paragraphs 
    (Bottom box)

    Make sure you tell people:
    • Who is involved
    • Where is it happening
    • What is Happening?

  5. Draw a picture that helps to tell the story and creates excitement and Intrigue
    (remaining box)

Creative Writing resource