Personalised Teacher Gifts

Discover the very best personalised teacher gifts from Keepsakes by Rebecca. We have unique presents guaranteed to leave teacher’s feeling loved and appreciated.

Personalised Teacher Gifts

Class Gifts

Personalised gifts from the whole class.


Personalised ceramic gifts, hand finished by skilled lithographers on quality bone china.

Individual Gifts

Personalised teacher gifts from your child.

Personalised Prints

Personalised prints, including handprint and footprint keepsakes.

Join the teacher
appreciation society

How have you coped with home school? 

We have created a collection of gifts for teachers to show our appreciation, all are personalised and are super sentimental!

We have adjusted some of the designs, so that a rainbow can be incorporated, we have also created a new socially distanced process for taking class handprints or you can now use stock handprints, to find out more click here.

The pupil quotes heart is always well received and is guaranteed to bring happy tears, each pupil includes a few words about what their teacher means to them and how they have inspired them, it really does showcase what an inspiration teachers are! Click here to view.

Hope you like our gift suggestions, we are always happy to receive commissions, please pop us a message either via messenger or email if you would like something more specific designed for you, I am here to help.