Class Gift- Handprint Tree


Personalised Teacher Handprint Tree

You left your prints on our hearts and minds, now we leave ours with you


The process is super simple to create your teacher handprint tree, you can choose between using generic stock handprints or use the handprints from all of the children in the class. A personalised teacher gift from the whole class to thank your child’s wonderful teacher for the support and inspiration they have given the children throughout the year. 

Please type in the note to Rebecca box at the checkout all of the children’s names, teacher’s name and year and any other personalisation you would like. Please note that all handprints will be resized.

Size: 14×11″ (mounted and supplied with high quality mount)

Additional detail needed for Teacher handprint tree gift:

  1. Children’s names
  2. Year
  3. Teacher’s Name
  4. School Name

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Teacher Handprint Tree FAQs

How do I send you the names I would like included in the teacher handprint tree?

Please write it in the note to Rebecca box at the checkout

Can I use stock handprints?

Yes, please select the correct option before adding to your basket

Can the handprints be any colour?

Parents can use paint, ink pads or face paints to take the prints in any colour. The darker the colour the better, but any colour is fine, as long as there is a good contrast between the print and the paper (plain white paper/card works best)

How do you receive the handprints?

You will receive a reference number when your order has been placed, please give this order number to parents to use in the subject header when emailing the prints. Prints to be emailed to

How do I send the handprints of the class?

Please take a photo of the handprint from directly above in a well lit area (natural light is best)


Design is copyrighted to Keepsakes by Rebecca

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You can also purchase your design on ceramics – all printed on fine bone china and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Separate listings – please contact for more information, when ordering another product of the same design we can offer a discount.

If you would like further information please send me a message.

Additional information

Framing option

Unframed, Framed

Do you want to include the school name?

Yes, No

Would you like to include a rainbow?

Yes, No

Date wording options

Year & Class Name, Year only, Class of Year, No Date

Include Quote

Yes, No

Actual handprints or stock

I want to use the class's actual handprints, Please use stock handprints

Number of children

3-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30

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