Creating an e-commerce business AND being a mum!

When growing up, I (like so many girls of my generation) felt like there were two paths to take in life. Career OR motherhood. Mutually exclusive. Never combined. And then I had daughters… I always knew I wanted to be a Mum, and after the birth of my first child I was heartbroken at the inferiority I felt when returning to work. Going back into an office and leaving my beautiful daughter behind was tough enough. And yet, with the disregard and disrespect that I endured, it made the process so much harder. Of course this isn’t the case in so many companies and thankfully nowadays businesses are brilliantly supportive of women in the workplace no matter their personal life choices. But for me, I felt I had to endure the situation and so my plan for a second child became an uncomfortable one. This left me at a nerve wracking crossroads when I became pregnant for the second time. I knew I didn’t want to return to an unsupportive workplace but I also felt a little lost as to what the solution could be.

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