Top 10 tips for buying gifts for Dad with meaning

Did you know that giving gifts can actually make us happier than spending that same amount of money on yourself? So buying a gift for Dad can actually make YOU happy!

The issue is, if you are a super sentimental person like me, buying the perfect gift is hard! Many designs by Keepsakes by Rebecca originate from a desire to give a meaningful gift to someone. I want my gifts to mean something, I want the person I am giving it to have tears of happiness when they open it, because in return this will make me happy!

Buying gifts can be especially hard when it is time to buy Father’s Day gifts. It needs to be ‘from’ your child, but your child is 5 years old, they can’t pop to the shop to buy a gift for Dad! So what do you get him?

We have put together a few tips for finding gifts with meaning for Dads or Grandads.

1. Gifts based on Dad’s hobbies

Make a list of all the things he is interested in and things that define who they are. This may be hobbies or things they like to watch on tv or even a bit about their personality. Example: Do they like to be the King of barbeques? Add as much detail as you can, sit with the kids and talk about things he says or does and write it all down, literally write EVERYTHING down.

2. Nostalgia

Think about things in his past that evoke a memory. Has your child ever said something really cute, is there a photograph that brings back special memories? Has your child ever drawn a picture that means the world to him? What did he like doing as a kid, did he like computer games, did he have a favourite tv programme? Labyrinth gifts are always popular.

3. What does he need?

The key is to this is to think broader about what that person’s needs, is he mad about football, does he have a ritual on match day to bring his team luck? Maybe a Match Day mug and plate set using your child’s footprints could be the perfect gift for him.

4. Give a gift with meaning

Choose one of the things from the list you have created and buy a gift relating to this. Is he mad about superheroes, view our handprint and footprint art superhero gifts here.

5. Design your own wrapping paper

Buy a sheet of brown parcel paper and get the kids to draw pictures on it or if they are too young to draw get them to do finger prints over it to create spots. Our top tip is to follow in the footsteps of Blue Peter and invest in some double-sided tape when wrapping your gifts. It’s stronger than your average cellotape, and it’s invisible so that annoying shine from the tape doesn’t highlight your lumbered attempts at covering up your wrapping sins.

6. Personalised gifts mean more

Personalised gifts always mean more to someone. They know that you haven’t just gone out and bought the first thing you have seen but have bought something just for them.

7. Gifts that will make him smile

Do you always have a joke about how no-one else is allowed near the barbeque?

Take a look at our ‘Daddy Bear Grills’ mug using your child’s handprint.

8. Allow plenty of time

If you are buying personalised or handmade gifts the chances are it will take longer for it to be produced, so make sure you order within plenty of time, our last order date for ceramics is usually around three weeks before the occasion.

9. Support small business

Did you ever stop to consider that when you buy from a large enterprise online or big department store, you are just a statistic and order which has to be fulfilled and then you will most likely be forgotten. You are way more than a statistic, when you buy from a small business, your purchase – no matter how big or small – means a great deal. This means that you are much more likely to receive a more personal, caring service and get more value for your money.

10. Get the kids to make something

Gifts made by the kids are priceless, sign up to our ‘Keepsake VIP’ list and you will be sent a free download for a family tree template, simply get the kids to place their handprints at the top of the tree to form the leaves.

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