Special touches to make your wedding day one to remember

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Every wedding is unique and there is no right or wrong way to do things when planning your wedding. All that matters is that you are making your wedding day one that you’ll always treasure. For many people, their wedding day is the culmination of years of planning and the last chance they get to spend time with their loved ones. It can be nerve-wracking, frustrating, and overwhelming all at once, especially when you start planning your wedding from a distance. But with a little planning, and a lot of patience, you can have the wedding of your dreams. Follow these handy wedding planning tips to make your big day one to remember.

Have a definite vision for your wedding 

When planning your wedding, you’ll probably spend a lot of time thinking about every little detail. And while some things might feel like obvious choices, others might not be so obvious. For example, how exactly will you tie your wedding together? Will your wedding follow the same theme throughout? How will you make your wedding stand out from all the other weddings going on at the same time?

A lot of the answers depends on what kind of wedding you want to have. Do you want a large, extravagant wedding? Or would you prefer something a little more intimate? Or, maybe you just want to have fun with your wedding and don’t care about any of that other stuff.

Whatever your style, there’s probably a design idea that you can incorporate into your wedding. 

Our top tip is to start by creating a mood/vision board, this can either be digitally created or by physically cutting up wedding magazines. 

How to create a mood board

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are so many factors to consider. You have your venue, your dress, your guest list, and the list goes on. 

But with all those details, it’s easy to forget what’s really important. Your wedding is about having fun and creating memories with the person you love. One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding will be everything you ever dreamed of is creating a wedding vision board.

A vision board is a visual representation of your hopes and dreams, it helps you visualise what you want your dream day to look like. It can really help you focus and stay motivated throughout the wedding planning process. 

Step 1: 

Start by browsing Pinterest for ‘wedding decor inspiration’ or if you have an idea of the style you would like to go for, you can be more specific in your search term, eg. ‘Boho wedding’. 

Step 2: 

Make a document/Pinterest board for:

  • Style/Theme (eg. boho, romantic, alternative)
  • Colours (This could relate to your theme, or it could simply be your favourite colour, but choosing a colour scheme can really help you to stay focussed when bringing everything together)
  • Venue (think about your theme, eg.romantic-castles, fairytale, Boho- outdoor wedding, barns etc)
  • Wedding Stationery (be specific to your chosen theme/style)
  • Wedding Dress (stay open minded to this, put everything on your board that catches your eye, sometimes when you try ‘the one’ on, it may not be what you thought would be ‘the one’)
  • Guest book (Do you want a traditional one, or something that can be framed and displayed?)
  • Bridesmaid dresses (think about your theme/colours)
  • Bridal Party Gifts (Think sentimental and meaningful, it’s a special day for them too!)

Make your celebrations personal 

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got nothing to spare. After all, you’ll be planning your wedding for months, perhaps even years. However, trying to squeeze every last penny out of your budget can result in you overlooking some of the most important things about your wedding day. 

Instead of obsessing over every last detail, it’s often better to focus on some of the smaller things. For example, personalised wedding touches. These are small things that your guests will notice and make your wedding unique. They can have a big impact on the ambiance of your wedding and will make special keepsakes that you can hold onto for years to come. 

I hope this helps you in planning your dream day, if you would like any ideas for personalised wedding gifts or alternative guestbooks click here.

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